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New Books and Discs

We have prepared a treat for you. Check out the list of new books in our library and find something that suits you!

  • Every Young Woman's Battle (EN306.8ETHey) by Shannon Ethridge      
  • Has Christianity Failed You? (EN239.7ZACcf)  by Ravi Zacharias       
  • God's Story, Your Story:  When His Becomes Yours (EN248.4LUCgs) by Max Lucado      
  • The Volunteer Revolution (EN253.7HYBvr)  by Bill Hybels
  • What Good Is God? (EN230YANwg)  by Philip Yancey        
  • This Momentary Marriage (EN248.4PIPtm)   by John Piper
  • The Power of a Whisper (EN248.4HYPpw)  by Bill Hybels
  • Sex Is Not the Problem (Lust Is) (EN306.8HARsi) by Joshua Harris  
  • Stop Dating the Church (Fall in Love with the Family of Believers) (EN250HARsd)   by Joshua Harris
  • The Note (FEHUNno) by Angela Hunt
  • Treasuring God in Our Traditions (EN249PIPtp)  by Noel Piper     
  • Who Made God? (EN239ZACwm)   by Ravi Zacharias
  • The Grand Weaver (EN248.4ZACgw)  by Ravi Zacharias       
  • The Problem of Life with God (EN223.806NELpl)  by Tommy Nelson 
  • What Women Wish You Knew about Dating (EN306.8SIMww)   by Stephen Simpson   
  • What Jesus Said about the Holy Spirit And How It Applies to Your Life (EN248.4WOOjs)  by Tim Woodroof
  • Read the Bible for Life (EN220.071GUTrb)  by George Guthrie
  • What You Need to Know about Islam & Muslims (EN297BRAyn)  by George W. Braswell, Jr.
  • Jesus the Only Way to God (EN232.8PIPjo) by John Piper
  • Before You Say "I Do" (DVD611)     
  • Expecting a Miracle (DVD601)          
  • The Grace Card (DVD604)    
  • Jane Eyre (DVD608)  
  • Johnny (DVD606)      
  • Julie and Julia (DVD609)        
  • Letters to Juliet (DVD605)     
  • Megamind (DVD602) 
  • On Strike for Christmas (DVD607)    
  • The Most Wonderful Time of the Year (DVD603)     
  • The Astronaut Farmer (DVD610)  
  • WOW Hits 2012 (CD2024)
  • Come to the Well (CD2022)
  • Until the Whole World Hears (CD2023)
  • Blessings (CD2025)
  • WOW Hits 2011 (CD2021)  

Every Young Woman's Battle (EN306.8ETHey)

Shannon Ethridge
The world you live in promotes sex as the answer to just about everything. The pressure to go along with the crowd is greater than ever before, and it's easy to compromise in little ways that are a lot more harmful than they seem. You and your friends may become caught up in destructive relationships or sexual activities without even knowing how you got there. You just want to be normal–to fit in, to be liked, to look attractive to the opposite sex. But are you paying too high a price?
Whether you have so far protected yourself emotionally and sexually, feel that you've been robbed of your purity, or have given in to temptation in some way, this book can help you achieve or reclaim sexual integrity. It can also guide you through the temptations and pressures of young adulthood while demonstrating how you can live your life to the fullest–without regrets.

Has Christianity Failed You? (EN239.7ZACcf)

Ravi Zacharias
Ravi Zacharias tackles head-on the question of why so many people today have given up on faith. In the end, he asks whether it is God or whether it is the church-as God's representative-who has failed. And, more dramatically, he asks if the irrational ends of the skeptic's view of a world without God place at risk the very existence of humanity.
Zacharias writes for anyone who has left the church literally or emotionally, who lives with silent doubts and who struggles with the simplistic ''Jesus is the answer'' when suffocated with daunting questions.

God's Story, Your Story:  When His Becomes Yours (EN248.4LUCgs)

Max Lucado
Be inspired to see how your day-to-day story intersects with God’s grand, overarching epic of everlasting redemption. Your journey of faith will come alive as you explore the divine narrative through New Testament and contemporary characters, and discover how the Bible reveals God’s plan for you today.

The Volunteer Revolution (EN253.7HYBvr)

Bill Hybels
The satisfaction most people are looking for comes from being in the middle of life’s action, not on the sidelines. Following Jesus is something people do, something that takes time and burns calories and stretches capacities as individuals and entire churches roll up their sleeves and activate their faith by serving others. It takes commitment and perseverance. Intentionality and selflessness. But nothing can match the rewards for those who find their place to serve and jump in!
'The Volunteer Revolution' introduces you to dozens of real people with real stories. Read firsthand how their lives were radically changed once they agreed to find their best fit, get equipped, and try their hand at serving. And then make your own decision: Will you accept the invitation to live beyond yourself? To pour your passion into service - and in doing so, to change your corner of the world? The makings of a revolution are within sight ...a Volunteer Revolution!

What Good Is God? (EN230YANwg)

Philip Yancey
I have toured in developing-world countries where traffic and pollution are oppressive, and the food is suspicious. During meetings the air-conditioning and the sound system may malfunction, and afterward people crowd around suffocatingly at book signings. Just as I'm feeling sorry for myself, ready to swear off trips forever, I meet some nurse who runs an AIDS program in remote villages and rides a motorbike on muddy roads four to five hours every day. At that point I remind myself of a deeper reason why I travel the true origin of this book. I go in search of a faith that matters.

This Momentary Marriage (EN248.4PIPtm)

John Piper
John Piper waited forty years to write a book on marriage. It is only after forty years of marriage that he felt like he would have something valuable to say (or something valuable to add to a very crowded genre of book). Romance, sex, and childbearing are temporary gifts of God. They are not part of the next life. And they are not guaranteed even for this life. They are one possible path through the narrow way to Paradise. Marriage passes through breathtaking heights and through swamps with choking vapors. It makes many things sweeter, and with it come bitter providences. Four decades of sweetness and bitter providences stand behind this book.

The Power of a Whisper (EN248.4HYPpw)

Bill Hybels
The greatest buzz of the Christ-following life comes from hearing directly from God – sensing his guidance to lean into some situations and steer clear of others, to speak a word one moment and fall silent the next, to adopt bold new practices and ditch the self-destructive habits that only do us harm. By his own declaration, if Bill Hybels could wave a wand over the entire world, he would wish for each person alive today to have this type of personal, meaningful and frequent encounter with the living God.
If you crave full-throttle faith, the kind of divinely directed life that God alone can provide, then this book is for you. God still speaks relevant words to his followers, and most likely a grand adventure with your name on it is on your heavenly Father’s lips. Tune your ear toward heaven, and he will direct your steps, accompany your path and celebrate your faithfulness one day.

Sex Is Not the Problem (Lust Is) (EN306.8HARsi)

Joshua Harris
Bestselling author Joshua Harris shows you how lust deceives you. Specific and honest without being graphic, this book - for both men and women - will guide you in creating a custom plan for fighting lust and celebrating purity.

Stop Dating the Church (Fall in Love with the Family of Believers) (EN250HARsd)

Joshua Harris
We are a generation of consumers, independent and critical. We attend church, but we don't want to settle down and truly invest ourselves. We're not into commitment - we only want to ''date'' the church.
Is this what God wants for us?
''Stop Dating the Church'' reminds us that faith was never meant to be a solo pursuit. The church is the place God grows us, encourages us, and uses us best. Loving Jesus Christ involves a passionate commitment to His church - around the world and down the street.
We can't be apathetic. It's time to fall in love with the family of God.

The Note (FEHUNno)

Angela Hunt
En route from New York's LaGuardia Airport to Tampa International, Flight 848 bursts into flames and crashes into Tampa Bay. All 261 passengers and crew are killed. For one week, newspaper columnist Peyton MacGruder and her fellow reporters cover one of the nation's worst air disasters in years with overwhelming and numbed emotions.
Then a woman Peyton's never met gives her a plastic bag that has washed up behind her house. The bag contains a note, almost certainly from the doomed flight, with a simple yet wrenching message: "T,  I love you. All is forgiven. – Dad"
Combing through the passenger list to find the victims whose children's names begin with T, Peyton is determined to deliver the note to its proper owner. A quest which will prove as important to Peyton's own life as to the mysterious T.

Treasuring God in Our Traditions (EN249PIPtp)

Noel Piper
Only God can bequeath God to our children. But he uses means. He uses God-centered traditions and Bible-saturated family patterns and grace-laden heirlooms. Only God can give our children a taste for the sweetness of God. Only God can awaken them to his worth. But year in and year out there are traditions that show children that God is our Treasure.
God-treasuring traditions can be ordinary, everyday habits such as telling stories, attending church, and using affectionate nicknames. They may be rare ''especially'' occasions such as funerals and weddings. And they are the creative ways we reflect Christ in our holidays.

Who Made God? (EN239ZACwm)

Ravi Zacharias
In the quest for the truth, you need to know what you believe and why you believe it. ''Who Made God?'' offers accessible answers to over 100 commonly asked apologetic questions. Bringing together the best in evangelical apologists, this guide is standard equipment for Christians who want to understand and talk about their faith intelligently.
Relevant stories, questions for reflection and discussion, and a comprehensive list of suggested resources help you dig deeper so you can be prepared to give careful answers that explain the reasons for your faith.

The Grand Weaver (EN248.4ZACgw)

Ravi Zacharias
It's common to believe that great events such as death or birth are guided by the hand of God. Yet we can easily drift into feeling that our daily lives are not sovereignly directed but are simply the product of our own efforts. This book brims with stories that show us otherwise. From a chance encounter at cricket match to a beloved father's final words before dying, from a random phone call to a line in a Scripture reading, Dr. Zacharias reveals how every detail of his life has been woven into its perfect place. Then he encourages us to examine our backgrounds, our disappointments, our triumphs, and our beliefs in a different light, explaining how they are all part of the international and perfect work of the Grand Weaver.

The Problem of Life with God (EN223.806NELpl)

Tommy Nelson
In the quest to make sense of the world and our existence, three great sirens have lured men and women with the promise of making their lives meaningful. The pursuit of knowledge, pleasure, and wealth have consumed generations, leaving a wake of disappointment, meaningless, despair, and disillusionment.
The great king of Israel, Solomon, though the wisest man to live, was not immune to their song. But at the end of his life, Solomon, in all of his God-given wisdom, stopped to contemplate on all that had competed for attention. He wrote his conclusions in the Book of Ecclesiastes. Solomon's conclusions ring louder than ever for people who need answers more than ever.

What Women Wish You Knew about Dating (EN306.8SIMww)

Stephen Simpson
It's the battle cry of Steve Simpson's hilarious and disarming 'What Women Wish You Knew about Dating', with man-to-man advice on everything single Christian guys need to know about dating: meeting her, asking her out, and leading the relationship.
Once you're in a relationship, there's a lot to learn and do. Simpson dissects common problems and shows men how to maintain healthy, holy relationships, heal deep wounds, and keep God first, girlfriend or not.

What Jesus Said about the Holy Spirit And How It Applies to Your Life (EN248.4WOOjs)

Tim Woodroof
Are you seeking a deeper walk in the Spirit but discouraged by all the controversies surrounding the subject? Are you looking for a trustworthy way to understand and experience the Holy Spirit?
Let Jesus himself teach you about the Spirit. In the Gospel of John, Jesus introduces us to the Paraclete. Personal, intimate, and life-giving, the Paracle Jesus describes is a Spirit we ache to know.
The Spirit Jesus talks about in the Final Discourse is a Companion, a Helper, a Teacher, a Comforter. He is no stranger, with an odd agenda and an unknown nature. He is Jesus present again in forever form. As Jesus reveals himself in the Spirit, he focuses on the work of the Spirit we value most: transformation, wisdom, Christ-like character, courage.
How do we grow in a relationship with this Spirit? You'll find more in these pages than theory and principle. You will discover practices for walking in the Spirit and making relationship with the Spirit a daily privilege.

Read the Bible for Life (EN220.071GUTrb)

George Guthrie
This book will help you grasp the grand story of Scripture. You will learn how the various books of the Bible fit together to present that story and communicate God's redemptive message. And you will discover new skills for listening to, understanding, and responding to God's World in ways that will change your life.

What You Need to Know about Islam & Muslims (EN297BRAyn)

George W. Braswell, Jr.
Writing from a western Christian viewpoint coupled with a detailed, first-hand knowledge of Muslim life, Dr. Braswell digs beneath the religion's seemingly harmless surface to reveal a rich, proud, and  powerful force in world affairs. With a glossary of special terms, maps of worldwide Islamic expansion, and a bibliography for further study, this book provides both a complete introduction and a comprehensive reference tool on Muslims - where they started, how they're positioned in today's social, political, and religious arenas, and where they're heading in the 21st century.

Jesus the Only Way to God (EN232.8PIPjo)

John Piper
If the church was ever too confrontational in its evangelism, those days are gone. In our shrinking, pluralistic world, the belief that Jesus is the only way of salvation is increasingly called arrogant and even hateful. In the face of this criticism, many shrink back from affirming the global necessity of knowing and believing in Jesus.
In Jesus: The Only Way to God - Must You Hear the Gospel to be Saved? Piper offers a timely plea for the evangelical church to consider what is at stake in surrendering the unique, universal place of Jesus in salvation. If you're concerned about the current state of evangelism - and the church - this book is a must-read.

Before You Say "I Do" (DVD611)

approx. 120 mins. – prod. year: 2009 - MPA rating: n/a
The moment George and Jane met, he knew she was the one! But when it comes to love, George is about to realize it's all about timing. The love of his life, Jane Gardner, can't bring herself to get married again after her first husband broke her heart. George makes a wish that he'd met Jane before her first marriage and the next thing you know HE'S THERE! Ten years earlier and just three days before Jane's first wedding, George must convince Jane that THEY are destined to be together!

Expecting a Miracle (DVD601)

approx. 89 mins. – prod. year: 2009- MPA rating: n/a
Hoping to rekindle a fading flame, Pete and Donna set off on a romantic beachfront getaway. But when car trouble stands them in a small , dusty town, their weekend vacation becomes the journey of a lifetime. They find themselves swept up in preparations for an annual festival and profoundly touched by the faith of Father Arturo and one little boy. They help the couple discover that strength and hope can be found in each other.

The Grace Card (DVD604)

approx. 162 mins. – prod. year: 2010 - MPA rating: PG-13
After police officer Mac McDonald loses his son in an accident, years of bitterness and pain erode his love for his family and leave him angry with God… and everyone else. Can Mac and his new patrol partner, Sgt. Sam  Wright, somehow join forces to help one another when it's impossible to look past their differences - especially the most obvious one? Every day, we have the opportunity to rebuild relationships and heal wounds by extending and receiving God's grace.

Jane Eyre (DVD608)

approx. 109 mins. – prod. year: 2010 - MPA rating: PG
When orphaned governess Jane Eyre (Mia Wasikowska) arrives at imposing Thornfield Hall, she's intrigued by her brooding wealthy employer, Rochester (Michael Fassbender). His dark moods and the strange occurrences in the house lead her to discover a terrible secret that he had hoped to hide from her forever.

Johnny (DVD606)

approx. 80 mins. – prod. year: 2010 - MPA rating: n/a
When Dr. Drew Carter tragically lost his ten-year old son in a car accident while his wife was driving, he didn't expect to lose his whole family as well. Since the accident, his wife, Julia, has become emotionally absent from Drew and their daughter, Kayla. When Dr. Miller refers Johnny, a foster child with leukemia, to Drew, the wheels start to turn and Drew sees a chance to heal his family. Because Julia remains in a perpetual guilt-ridden state of grief, she is opposed to the idea of adopting this terminally ill boy. With Kayla feeling increasingly more rejected by her own mother and Drew growing more distant from his wife, he decides to take matters into his own hands and adopts Johnny for better or for worse. Johnny doesn't know what he is in for, but is convinced he is here for a special mission; a mission that is revealed when he enters Dr. Carter's world.

Julie and Julia (DVD609)

approx. 123 mins. – prod. year: 2009 - MPA rating: PG-13
A culinary legend provides a frustrated office worker with a new recipe for life in Julie and Julia, the true stories of how Julia Child's life and cookbook inspired fledgling writer Julie Powell to whip up 524 recipes in 365 days and introduce a new generation to the magic of French cooking. It's a delicious comedy about joy, obsession and butter.

Letters to Juliet (DVD605)

approx. 105 mins. – prod. year: 2010 - MPA rating: PG
In Verona, Italy - the beautiful city where Romeo first met Juliet - there is a place where the heartbroken leave notes asking Juliet for her help. It's there that aspiring writer Sophie finds a 50-year-old letter that will change her life forever. As she sets off on a romantic journey of the heart with the letter's author, Claire, now a grandmother, and her handsome grandson, all three will discover that sometimes the greatest love story ever told is your own.

Megamind (DVD602)

approx. 95 mins. – prod. year: 2011 - MPA rating: n/a
Super villain Megamind's dreams have come true when he conquers the city's protector Metro Man gaining control of Metro City. But when a new villain is created and chaos runs rampant, the world's biggest ''mind'' and his comic sidekick Minion might actually save the day.

On Strike for Christmas (DVD607)

approx. 86 mins. – prod. year: 2010 - MPA rating: n/a
Meet Joy Robertson, a supermom who does it all - even though her husband Stephen and the rest of her family don't seem to appreciate just how hard she works, especially when it comes to Christmas. As the season rapidly approaches, the decorating, shopping, wrapping, baking and planning keep pilling up - and Joy's busy family just expects her to make it all magically happen without any help. Not this year! Joy goes on strike for the holidays, quickly inspiring a town-wide movement with hilarious consequences.

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year (DVD603)

approx. 89 mins. – prod. year: 2009- MPA rating: n/a
Disenchanted single mom Jennifer Cullen is a Scroogette when it comes to anything Christmas. In fact, even her six-year-old son, Brian, is having trouble believing in Santa Claus. But when her uncle Ralph visits and brings a fellow passenger from his flight named Morgan Derby, Jennifer's dubious heart awakens to the possibility that perhaps Christmas really does hold miracles. It's an uplifting and laugh-filled story that will inspire the whole family to believe.

The Astronaut Farmer (DVD610)

approx. 164 mins. – prod. year: 2006 - MPA rating: PG
All systems are ''Go'' for Charles Farmer. He's faced bank foreclosure, neighborhood naysayers and government alarmed by his huge purchase of high-grade fuel, but now he is ready to blast into space inside the homemade rocket he built in his barn. Just be home in time for dinner, Charlie.

WOW Hits 2012 (CD2024)

various artists – Praise and Worship – 2011
Disc one:
  1. Glorious Day (Living He Loved Me) - Casting Crowns
  2. I Will Follow - Chris Tomlin
  3. This Is the Stuff - Francesca Battistelli
  4. Starry Night - Chris August
  5. Lead Me - Sanctus Real
  6. Beautiful - MercyMe
  7. Your Love - Brandon Heath
  8. Stronger - Mandisa
  9. I Refuse - Josh Wilson
  10. Jesus Saves - Jeremy Camp
  11. Strong Enough - Matthew West
  12. You Love Me Anyway - Sidewalk Prophets
  13. Christ Is Risen - Matt Maher
  14. Your Great Name - Natalie Grant
  15. Love Has Come - Mark Schultz
  16. Jesus I Am Resting (Bonus Track) - Tricia Brock
  17. What Was I Fighting For (Bonus Track) - Patrick Ryan Clark
Disc two:
  1. Tonight - TobyMac
  2. Light Up the Sky - The Afters
  3. Something Beautiful - Needtobreathe
  4. Children of God - Third Day
  5. You Are More - Tenth Avenue North
  6. Hanging On - Britt Nicole
  7. Awake And Alive - Skillet
  8. SMS (Shine) - David Crowder Band
  9. Reach - Peter Furler
  10. Faceless - Red
  11. Listen to the Sound - Building 429
  12. Hold Me Together - Royal Tailor
  13. Walking on the Stars - Group 1 Crew
  14. Suitcases - Dara Maclean
  15. Everything I Need - Kutless
  16. I Wonder (Bonus Track) - Leeland

Come to the Well (CD2022)

Casting Crowns – Contemporary Christian – 2011
1. Courageous
2. City On The Hill
3. Jesus, Friend Of Sinners
4. Already There
5. The Well
6. Spirit Wind
7. Just Another Birthday
8. Wedding Day
9. Angel
10. My Own Worst Enemy
11. Face Down
12. So Far To Find You

Until the Whole World Hears (CD2023)

Casting Crowns – Contemporary Christian – 2009
  1. Until The Whole World Hears
  2. If We’ve Ever Needed You
  3. Always Enough
  4. Joyful, Joyful
  5. At Your Feet
  6. Glorious Day (Leaving He Loved Me)
  7. Holly One
  8. To Know You
  9. Mercy
  10. Jesus Hold Me Now
  11. Blessed Redeemer
  12. Hidden Track: Show Your Wings

Blessings (CD2025)

Laura Story – Contemporary Christian – 2011
1. This Is The Day
2. Friend of Sinners
3. You Are Love
4. What A Savior
5. Blessings
6. Your Name Will Be Praised
7. One Life To Lose
8. Prodigal Song
9. Remember Me
10. Faithful God

WOW Hits 2011 (CD2021)

various artists – Contemporary Christian – 2010
Disc ONE:
1. Until the Whole World Hears - Casting Crowns
2. Our God (Radio Version) - Chris Tomlin
3. What Faith Can Do - Kutless
4. The Greatness of Our God - Natalie Grant
5. Healing Hand of God - Jeremy Camp
6. Hold Us Together- Matt Maher
7. Love Never Fails - Brandon Heath
8. My Own Little World - Matthew West
9. The Words I Would Say - Sidewalk Prophets
10. Heaven Is the Face - Steven Curtis Chapman
11. Better Than a Hallelujah - Amy Grant
12. Before the Morning - Josh Wilson
13. Love Has Come - Mark Schultz
14. You Found Me - Big Daddy Weave
15. My Help Comes from the Lord - The Museum
Disc TWO:
1. Get Back Up - TobyMac
2. Beautiful Beautiful - Francesca Battistelli
3. Born Again - Third Day
4. Lay 'Em Down - Needtobreathe
5. Healing Begins - Tenth Avenue North
6. Born Again - Newsboys
7. Hero - Skillet
8. Walk On the Water - Britt Nicole
9. Let the Waters Rise - Mikeschair
10. Forgiven - Sanctus Real
11. Your Love Is a Song - Switchfoot
12. Follow You - Leeland & Brandon Heath
13. More Beautiful You - Jonny Diaz
14. Starry Night - Chris August (Bonus)
15. No Matter What - Kerrie Roberts (Bonus)